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SWM Motorcycles is an Italian motorcycle company based in Lombardy, Italy. The company boasts the know-how of a large motorcycle industry, based on a close-knit team of long-term technicians, which allows it to follow and manage every aspect of the creation of the motorcycle directly in its Lombard headquarters. SWM Motorcycles offers riders classic machines for both road and off-road applications. The new generation SWM models are derived from Husqvarna models. SWM manufactured Observed Trials, Enduro, Motocross and off-road motorcycles in the 1970s and 1980s. 

RE 500R


The RE300R and RE500R are the complete essence of what a no-frills off-road bike should be - they offer the high-quality features you need and skip everything else, including the inflated price tag found elsewhere!

RE Models use the proven suspension and braking components from the RS line, but we removed the street-legal equipment to make an off-road only model that is ready to impress.

Isn’t it time you stopped wasting money on frills and got back to the foundations that make off-road riding fun? 

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